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In the field of policy-making, contending stakeholders frame scientific evidence in the way that fits with their own interests, increasing complexities in consensus building efforts through interest-based bargaining.

This project explores approaches to “joint fact-finding” in which stakeholders and experts work together to seek scientific evidence that overwhelming majority of stakeholders can rely on. The project members will initiate action research programs in the field of energy policy, food safety, and marine spatial planning and work toward the institutionalization of JFF that would ground policy-making processes on sound science.


From November 21, 2011 to October 2014

Project leadership

Principal Investigator: Prof. Masahiro Matsuura (University of Tokyo, Grad. School of Public Policy)
Group Leaders: Ms. Makiko Matsuo (University of Tokyo, Grad. School of Public Policy) and Dr. Kenshi Baba (Electric Power Utility Research Institute)